• Purpose

    Profits go to Cancer Research
  • Passion

    To Find a Cure
  • Awareness

    No Fear Allowed
  • Goal

    Help Cancer Patients

Laura's Latest Thoughts

Why Choose Laura


Laura fought and won some extraordinary battles on the front lines of corporate America. As a result, she has learned lessons about how to lead fearlessly, take action in the face of fierce obstacles, and succeed despite all odds. Laura\’s candidly shared experiences benefit entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and women climbing the corporate ladder toward that still elusive “glass ceiling.”


Laura\’s unbridled passion for her professional purpose – helping relocating families have a “soft landing” – helped her build a $50 million dollar global corporation. Now, her passion for inspiring entrepreneurs to soar fearlessly toward their goals is worth its weight in gold.


Truly motivating an audience to its core takes substance, selflessness, and strength. Helping others is who Laura Herring is – it\’s the foundation of her character. The motivation that she delivers, is rooted in results and taking action!

Solid Strategy

The strategies that Laura has built come from decades of success serving Fortune 500 clients.Now she brings the core elements of those strategies to entrepreneurs seeking the right resources to take their businesses to extraordinary heights. From the power of focus groups, understanding the true psychology of business, to the importance of asking questions and researching every last detail, Laura delivers real, time-tested answers.

Outstanding Results

There is no “wishful thinking” when you work with Laura. Her combination of unrelenting drive, masterful solutions, and passion for helping you succeed is unmatched in her industry. With Laura as your coach, you can finally stop hoping for success and start actually experiencing it!

Most Requested Speaking Topics


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    Work/Life Balance
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    Employee Engagement
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    Legacy Building


I think she’s one of the best natural salespeople I’ve ever met in my life. I was never in a room that she either didn’t command or couldn’t command if she wanted to.

Allen Hauge

Vistage International

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