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Leadership Lesson #5: Showing Up… Exceptionally

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What I also have experienced and you will too as you grow, is that certain managers continued to blossom and lend their expertise to the entire company, wherever they were needed. Leslie (Les) League and Linda Ryan were two of those people. Les was our first Operations/IT Director and he followed the rule of: be the best, cut costs by shaping better processes and offer insight to all departments. He was truly a lifesaver more than once when we needed to demonstrate our technology capabilities early on. His common sense approach to business was a huge support to Mike and me in eventually running the operations of the company. He always put the needs of the company ahead of his or his team’s needs. He was also gracious enough to let us know when the job got too big for him and he stepped aside allowing more experienced leaders to take the lead. Linda Ryan is still with us and still moving up, currently overseeing an entire relocation department. She is unflappable. It is never about her. She keeps confidences and her laugh puts a smile on my face. I cannot tell you how often I walked into her office over the years, closed the door and said, “You are not going to believe what just happened.” We would then laugh our heads off. She was my confidant. I should call her “Teflon Linda,” as nothing negative sticks with her. She laughs it off, fixes it and moves on. Her motto could be: “ Save the drama for your mama!”

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