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Givers Give and Takers Take

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I recently got an email from a woman who heard me speak at the eWomen Network International Conference in August. She remembered that I will be launching my book “No Fear Allowed” soon (soft launch November, bookstores in June) and wanted to know what she could do to help me. I was so touched, but for the life of me I could not place who this woman was. I start to probe, trying to recall the connection we made in Dallas. She shared that she was running around hugging people in the crowd near my book table at the hotel. As a hugger myself I can see how that attracted my attention. But I still couldn’t place her face so I asked her what she did and she started telling me about her business. Actually – she launched into her elevator speech. Not that she was selling me, but this is obviously how she defined herself.

I listened for about five minutes as she described her business and her target audience, before finally interrupting her and exclaiming: “Stop! You are marketing to the wrong people. Your company simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to serve Fortune 500 companies.”

Then, moving beyond simply preaching my opinion to her, I made the decision to make my advice practical.

“Back up get a pen and paper and listen to me. I have been marketing to Fortune 500 companies for 30 years and your company is not a match for their super sized needs,” I said.

Her ideal market, as I told her, was companies with under 100 employees where she could sell directly to the CEO or CFO. She sold specialized 401Ks and the reality is, larger $50 million+ companies hire well established financial firms.

She was breathless. “I called to help YOU Laura, but you have given me a whole new marketing strategy and a plan for 2015! I can’t believe this!”

The secret here is: She called to give but instead she received! The truism is “Givers give and takers take.” All of us who are givers love to give to givers. We avoid takers. Which are you? Who have you given to recently? Remember to always pay it forward. As Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of eWomen Network says: “Lift as you climb.”

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