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“I know Laura Herring and I know what it takes to build a brand from unknown to best known. No Fear Allowed is an exciting journey of how Herring knocked on the doors of the world’s top companies and successfully walked through them, learning fierce lessons along the way. I am proud to call her a friend and excited to introduce you to this awesome woman who has a kind heart and is a fierce competitor and an amazing, gutsy businesswoman. If you are an entrepreneur, No Fear Allowed is a MUST read, not just to hear her story, but to learn from her invaluable ‘Lessons Learned.”

Laurie Ann Goldman

Founder of LA Ventures and Former CEO of Spanx

There are things that happen every day in business that invite fear to crawl in and nestle in our brains, leaving us lying there flat on the ground, dormant, waiting to pounce, keeping us from taking any movement forward. We may be sleeping and awaken to the thoughts, “Do I really have what it takes to be successful? Can I truly risk all I have to move forward? What if no one wants what I am selling?”

In her new business biography, “NO FEAR ALLOWED: A Story of Guts, Perseverance, and Making an IMPACT” Laura Herring traces her story from psychologist to entrepreneur and then business leader, sharing her experience as the Founder and Chairwoman of IMPACT Group, a GLOBAL company she grew to almost $50 Million dollars. The biggest takeaways from the book are Laura’s infamous “Lessons Learned” – straight talk from the frontlines of corporate America that can benefit ANYONE in business, no matter what level. And of course, the one thing that Laura wants all readers to take from this book – whether you’re an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur in corporate America, or simply a lover of great business biographies – is that “NO FEAR ALLOWED” is not just a phrase. It is a battle cry!

By purchasing Laura’s upcoming book (to be released in October 2015) you are essentially joining hands with other members of “Team Fearless” in our mission to cure breast cancer in our lifetime! 100% of the book profits are being donated to breast cancer research; therefore by purchasing this book not only are you adopting “NO FEAR ALLOWED” as your own battle cry – you are also helping countless other women and men who have been affected by breast cancer. Because as a two-time survivor herself, Laura knows that when it comes to breast cancer – you can fear it, or you can fight it!

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